Interactive audio visual arts



GLIMPSE  started as a mobile digital photo studio equipped with a mixture of sculptural and inspiring outfits and sound system with the purpose to inspire creativity.

From the very beginning, the aim was to create an interactive space for experiences where the cameras function as catalysts and where the visitor becomes an active part of the creative process.

Since 2003 the GLIMPSE has  participated in festivals  and exhibited its work in museums and gallery spaces. While experimenting in the fields of photography,  video and installation art, GLIMPSE has always remained faithful to three principals ;

Interactivity :  The visitor participates actively in the creative process.

Recycling :  Most of the props, clothes, images and films used in the process of creating new material  are what most of us consider to be ”trash”. ( wikipedia definition : unwanted or undesired waste material).

Playfulness : Approaching the creative process in a relaxed and improvised  way,  leaving space  for experimentation in the present moment.

      Alvaro Campo

Mattias Larson

Nadja Ekman

Glimpse, early morning on the way to work.

Preparation for an evening performance

Early specimen of a glimpse mobile studio.

(arvika music festival 2004)

Nadja photographing in the studio

Mattias taking in the next group

video installation with six monitors showing immediate results of the photos and videos made.

chill out


Glimpse studio at the picnic festival in amsterdam 2007

Alvaro setting up the monitors

Mattias’ recycling  station

The studio was made inside one of the tent/sculptures made by the artist Dre Wapenaar – Tent village

the prints are 8X4 meters, printed on fabric

special guest - Camilla Siwam

Rififi gallery Växjö, Sweden 2007

The installation was made as part of the mobile studio at Rififi gallery in Växjö. It consisted of 24 tv sets, a computer, a dv camera and a VHF sender antenna. As the visitor walks into the center of the circle, she sees herself from a different angle in each monitor mixed with recordings of previous visitors, dressed up in GLIMPSE outfits. The images are transmitted from an antenna on the ceiling placed above the center of the circle. Each televison set is different and some of the transmissions are weaker than others, creating a feeling of distance. A distant drumming blends into  the tv noise can be heard from an audio sountrack made by Mattias.